A Minimalistic Product by Alex Katsamakis

The Cube

Wassili Kandinsky, born on December 16, 1866, was a Russian painter and art theorist.

I was lucky enough that I grew up in a house decorated with a copy of his most famous painting.

I strongly believe that this influenced me to become an artist myself.

This piece that I call “The Cube” is mostly influenced by the cubism movement.

Even if Kandinsky wasn’t thought of as an artist of that movement,
I think that his pieces moved me towards that direction.

The Cube consists of smaller, standarised “Cubicles”.
The Cubicles are made by Sheet Metal (Steel) Sheets, bended and welded as hollow cubes.
Then they are drilled and screwed at whatever way hte tenant wishes.
In this way, The Cube is easy to construct, transport and assemble.
Each product is therefore a unique piece of Art.
Moreover, it is durable, rigid and recyclable.
The Cube can be used as a decorative installation or as a library.
Last but not least, product variations can be made out of wood or plastic