Alex Katsamakis

Alex Katsamakis

Product Designer / Photographer
I was born in Drama. I have graduated from the Polytechnic school of AUTH and have a Master in Strategic Product Design. My story as a photographer begun almost 10 years ago in Samothraki and afterward in Newcastle. I have traveled in about 30 European countries and have presented more than 10 group and solo exhibitions.

In 2017, discovering a gap in the market, and taking advantage of the opportunities I were given, I founded The Dreammakers, a company that specializes in destination weddings. At the same time, I opened my Design and Photography office as Alex Katsamakis. New members are been added to the team as the company keeps on growing. But my job doesn't end here.

Since elementary school, I enjoyed drawing and imagining vehicles, submarines, and paragliders, as well as sculpting. Product design is a field that creates the feeling that my creative side merges with my analytical. I dream of a world where human effort is optional and is done with the assistance of machines. Until this happens I will continue to offer my knowledge in engineering, industrial design, and industrial leadership in order for this to become a reality.

I am available to undertake creative work that is related to photography, product design and design in general. For a detailed CV or inquiries contact me.

Κόδρου 41, 66132 Δράμα
+30 694 966 5958 |